Flashback: Kyle Kim

Moving things around. Shuffling the items in my room... I grab a canister and hear a rattle. Rattle. Rattle. I open it to find some old film. Totally forgot its existence. Amongst two moves in a year it got stashed away. 

January 2014. My friend and prior roommate moves into my house in Kennewick, WA. We are both here and there. Trying to find our way. Figure things out. Photography is our common bond. Two artists who admire each other and encourage the other to grow and learn. Kyle influenced me the most by way of film. Film is his passion (along with skateboarding, pizza art, and ramen concoctions). 

He inspired me. To do more, explore, and experiment. He taught me that it's okay not to be perfect, to mess up, and have no clue what you are doing. That's when you get the best results and learn the most. He encouraged me to shoot, shoot, shoot. Write down my settings in a notebook, evaluate my images, repeat. 

Everyday I would come home from work exhausted and he would be doing what he loved. He set up a dark room in our bathroom, would develop film at the kitchen sink, and go through the full process of making prints in the bathtub. Prints would be hanging, scattered about with clothespins on hangers. It was real, it was raw, and I could feel his energy to create all through out the house. 

At the beginning of the summer we both decided to part our ways. He was adventuring to SoCal to pursue skateboard photography. I was moving home to reevaluate my next move. Before he left he gave me several film cameras to play with. My goal this year is to actually use them and see what happens. To be bold and adventurous. To get creative and be unique. Most of all to be true and real with myself and my visions. 

Today he is in Portland, Oregon. Still following those dreams. Shooting, skateboarding, immersing himself into his world he has created. Today I am in Seattle, Washington. Shooting, exploring, and creating my own world. 

I just picked up this roll this morning. My first ever shot with my Holga. Ilford 120 double exposures. Exactly a year ago we had a photo adventure under the highway. Next to the Yakima River. On a typical Tri-Cities stale winter day. Where the sun is shining, the river is flowing, and everyone is waiting for spring to spark some effervescence (I have never used the word effervescence in my life, but I am starting today).