I am Stephanie Severance, the photographer and creator of Sevlynn Photography. I am currently living in Brooklyn, New York, and available for travel worldwide. 

Through my experiences in life I have created a style, which is reflected in my photography. Growing up in Eastern Washington I have a deep appreciation for symmetry and patterns from the abundant crops, vineyards, and fields. I have grown fond of mixing that with the gritty and rustic vibes of the industrial built environment. Studying architecture in college influenced me to take a more minimalistic approach to creating. I shoot primarily with natural light and the goal is to make everything candid. Digital is my primary method and film for fun. 

I am always interested in meeting new people, collaborating, and making art with someone. Please message me if you have any questions/inquiries. Feel free to contact me directly here...


// P. 509.554.2736

Photo by Jamie Jones Photography

Photo by Jamie Jones Photography

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